Why Do I Need a Preamp For Turntable

The signal that comes from the microphones is taken for further amplification process. There are several numbers of reasons to use a preamp. The basic difference between an amplifier and a preamp is amp boost. A preamp is a pre-amplifier which is used to amplify and boost up the low-level signals. It cleans up the signal to give a better sound through the amplifier.

preamp for turntable

The requirement of a preamp

The preamp is mainly used to give a higher volume of the output signal. Do I need a preamp for the turntable? The turntable otherwise called a circular rotating table compulsorily needs of a pre-amplifier because of its rotating nature. Due to the circular motion of the turntable, the output signal gets distorted and so the pre-amplifier is used.

Some models of turntables have the facility built in preamp, which is of cheaper in rate. The preamps are different in their way and vary in cost too. Every turntable cartridge uses a different process to generate current. They are MM (moving magnet) and MC (moving coil). The pre-amplifiers that are designed for moving magnet are cheaper than the ones used for moving coil. Not every preamp works well for all types of the turntable, even if they are rated to that specific set of systems.

Preamp for record player

For instance, do I need a preamp for my record player? Some turntables posses a built-in preamp, It can be found easily with the help of a USB port in the turntable. If there is a need for cables to connect to your audio system then there is a need for an external preamp. Even the old form of record player consists of a built-in pre-amplifier.

preamp for record player

Pre-amplifier for turntables

There are several phono pre-amplifiers present. Best preamp for turntable includes VPI Voyager, the VP industry which is in reference to vinyl playback.

The vinyl playback is a long playing analog storage medium. It is a JFET based design that gives more sonic characters. The SPL Phonos ProFi MM/MC is a single-handed revolutionized transient design. It is a user-definable control over input impedance and capacitance.

The best high-end preamp is Luxman EQ-500 Tube Pre is less expensive and provides high sound. ART DJ PRE II is a cheap, well-designed and produces great sound. The best analog to digital (A/D) conversion preamp is M2Tech EVO phonoDAC Two.

Marchand LN112 MC is the best of all, have a great look, expensive. Musical fidelity gives fully of balanced performance and superlative Sonics. The preamp that has infinitely adjustable impedance is Pro-Ject phono box RS. Sound Smith MCP2 MKII posses a great MC cartridge audio quality and upgrade options too. Dynavector P75 Mk4 has plenty of features that include a superior rejection of common-mode noise. Hafler PH60 which is simple in its appearance and sounds hi-fi. Pro-Ject Tube Box DS is unbelievable for its money. Thorens MM-08 ADC has an impressive soundstage and A/D conversion. The preamp that includes headphone amp and sounds good is Cambridge Audio Duo MM/MC. Some other preamps are Bellari VP130, Schiit Mani, Music Hall Mini, and Techno link TC-778.

Thus there is a need for preamp (pre-amplifier) for turntable which is in a circular motion. It helps in boosting of low signals and sounds good.